Portable Extinguishers

Powder Fire Extinguisher, EN3 approved,

– 1kg – 2kg – 6kg – 12kg – 25kg – 50kg

40% ABC (EN615), export carton packed

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Powder Extinguishers are used widely all over the world.Powder Extinguishers have good insulation and easy to operate.
Portable Powder Extinguishers are normally used for Fire Class A, Fire Class B and Fire Class C.The range of our Portable Powder Extinguishers are from filling 1kg  ABC Powder to 12kg ABC Powder.The cylinder material is DC01.
The welding place could be intermediate welding, bottom welding, upper and bottom welding.
The cylinder bottom could be made out to several models.
The cylinder and valve have obtained CE certificate.
We could assemble diaphragm pressure gauge or imitation diaphragm pressure gauge.
The cylinder surface is with good polyester painting RAL3000.
We assure the safety of users with good quality products.
We could provide OEM service to meet customer’s special requirements.
For example, we can print customers’ company name & logo on the cylinder neck.

Spare Parts

Fire Extinguisher’s Spare Parts, CE Approved,

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Engineering – HT Systems®

Protect your facility with

Direct Release Low-Pressure (DLP)

Indirect Release Low-Pressure (ILP)

Fire protection systems from CEBSAN keep your equipment safe

HT Systems® fire protection – direct release systems utilize the HT Systems® tube as both the “detection device” and “suppressant delivery. As the fire begins, the portion of the tube nearest the point where the most heat is detected ruptures, forming an effective spray nozzle.
The pressure will then drop as the HT Systems® tube releases the entire contents of the cylinder through the distribution nozzle to effectively suppress the fire. More than one HT Systems® tube can be used enabling the system to cover more area. Our fire suppression systems are critical for safety and protecting your valuable equipment.

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